D3 – Sept. 3 – Nijni Novgorod



I could pretend that understanding the train ticket was difficult. In fact, we had purchased them on an english language booking site, and just had to find the right machine at the station to print them. Though, finding the platform was more challenging and we sticked to two French businessmen we had met in the hall, accompanied with locals. Their job: Finding good places in the Nijni area where they could implement Auchan and Simply Market stores…


We reached Nijni four hours later… The photo below: view of the city when you get out of the station. An every instant joy… We needed almost as much time to reach our hostel. We couldn’t find out what bus we should take, and after long discussions with different men and women we gave up and took a taxi. Well, a so called taxi, just a guy who had a car and nothing else to do but transport us there for five hundred Rb… Quite a lot.



Though, on the other bank of the city, the atmosphere was rather different and we had quite a good time visiting the local Kremlin and vivid streets.






Photo below : The Volga River inspires everyone


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