D4 – Sept 4 – Dissidence in Nijni

The road was long before Russians had a chance to taste a Big Mac.



Though, I’m not sure that’s what Andrei Sakharov had in mind in 1980 when he was ejected from Moscow and house arrested in Nijni – At the time called Gorki.

Finding our way to his place has been, again, a run.
Step 1 – FInding the right bus ( a piece of cake for us after our 4-days experience of Russia).
Step 2 – Finding the right stop. But we got helped by a young guy who looked under ecstasy. He stopped with us.
ImageStep 3 – Once we stop, where should we go ? A charming native points out a group of buildings. And she says: “Follow the red building”.
Step 4 – It looks like a red building, isn’t it ? But where is the F****** entrance ?
Step 5 – We find a clue. A commemoration plaque. Let’s turn the corner…
Step 6 – Here we are ! Alleluia, it looks like an entrance. But where is the ring ?
Step 7 – A neighbor opens the door. Uff. The museum’ entrance is on the next left. A woman opens the door. It looks like she lives here. We will be the only visitors of Andrei’s house… An amazing place.




This phone was given to Andrei S. in 1986. A couple of days later, Mikhaïl Gorbatchev was calling him to announce his liberation.


2 thoughts on “D4 – Sept 4 – Dissidence in Nijni

  1. I like the most the phone picture as my Mom had it in her kitchen still couple of years ago … though Gorbaczow never called us! As a child brought up in communism I can say that this kind of apartment design was a benchmark for many of our parents who just did not have much choice …

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