D8 – Sept 8 – Ural mirage

Today we tried to find a tour to the Ural countryside and villages. But we failed.
As I don’t have anything special to report on, I think this is the right moment for an educational piece:
How many of you would be able to name a taiga, a tundra, or a steppe?
Yeah, that’s what I thought. So:

Steppes are grassland plains without trees. It can be either a prairie, or a semi-desert, etc. In Central Asia, you’ll find that type of geography in the green areas colored on the below map. And actually, the name has a russian etymology.
I’m gonna meet steppes in Russia, West China, and Kazakstan.



Tundra. I’m not gonna cross any. Tundra develops under cold temperatures, below the North pole basically, in Canada and Russia – Light green on the map below.






This is a typical tundra’s landscape.

Whereas taiga is made of coniferous forests. In Eurasia, it covers most of Scandinavia, much of Russia from Karelia in the west to the Pacific Ocean (including much of Siberia), and areas of northern Kazakhstan, northern Mongolia, and northern Japan.

So I guess that what I’m gonna see by my Trans-siberian windows for a month is mostly that :

3 thoughts on “D8 – Sept 8 – Ural mirage

  1. I miss the people in your pictures! Sometimes a face is the best way to describe a landscape. Hope sun will brigth for you tomorrow 😉

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