Readers, play with us

When we checked in at the Perm’ hostel, your hostess told us that, the previous day, a couple of French women had stayed at this hostel, called the « P Hostel ». A writer and an artist, they write a book on Russia, did she explain. OK, nice.

The following day, in Yekaterinburg, as we were on our way to our hostel – again – and waiting for the green light – as always – a pedestrian started to talk to us. He was really looking like a USSR scientist working for the KGB, directly teleported from the 1960’ to our pave walk. Grey bowl cut, preoccupied eyes, low voice, velvet jacket. Really, he looked like a character from The Avengers. Anyway. He wanted to know what we were doing here. ‘’Franntsousski’’ did we say first, ‘’tourism’’, we added. He seemed fascinated by our (elliptic) story. “Fantastic” did he comment in English. “But aren’t you those two French women? The writer and the artist?”
So, apparently there are a French artist and a French writer who are traveling together through Russia. And we would like very much to know WHO. We didn’t find anything on Google but didn’t have much time to investigate further.
Does one of you have any CLUE?
Of course, beyond our eternal recognition, the ones who will help us will be offered a special gift from Russia!
*Thank you


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