D15/16 – Sept 15/16 – From West to East Siberia

During the night, we have left West Siberia behind us. A world of taiga. 1000km large and 5000 km in Siberia… That’s what we’ve seen in the last weeks. pines, larches, cedars, birches. Never ending. Looks like a bar code.

Though, I shouldn’t be bored but feel sorry. The world focus on Amazonia, but here, every year 700 000 m3 disappear, sold by corrupted Russians to multinational companies, especially chinese.


For long, Siberia was in the hands of Tatars, descendants of Gengis Khan. But they progressively start to loose power during the 14th century, and the tsar Boris Goudonov succeed to colonize West Siberia totally in the 16th thanks to IVAN LE TERRIBLE – East Siberia being still under control of Chinese and Mongols.

We’re gonna see very soon how different East Siberia can be…


Krasnoïarsk is the first big city of East Siberia. Landscapes starts to be less straight, ligther, small hills, small rivers, show up.


Irkutsk will be our first stop.

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