D18 – Sept 18 – Chamanism

The sky is grey, it is very windy, even raining a bit. Not sure I’m gonna have a shower. No, I’m not gonna have a shower. But after viewing that short movie, I’m sure you will share my decision…

Anyway, after breakfast we decide to have a walk to the Cape, and we will not regret it, it is absolutely gorgeous. The wind even makes it more spectacular.

22 - Shaman1 23 - Shaman2

Buddhists from religion, The Buriates include a part of animism to their practice.

Natural elements have a spirit. Mountains, trees, are venerable. That’s the reason why you can find ribbons tied on trees, like on the pictures below, as symbolic gifts to their spirit. Their spiritual guide is a shaman, who use animal skins and special dances to get in trance…

24 25


In the afternoon, we were finally able to book an “excursion”, a four hours jeep tour in the taiga. Awesome.

3 thoughts on “D18 – Sept 18 – Chamanism

  1. Steph, pictures are awesome. But i can tell you…the smell of the toilet got to my nose. Once you have a similar experience (I had in Egypt) it becomes the quicker memory to run to your mind 😉

  2. Hi both of YOU, Steph and Carmen!!! Carmen is so right! I also smell it, immediately when you referred to it. My memory comes from Lvov in Ukraine, I was there in 1989 and we went to visit the local market to get the local “flavors” like we say today. I had to go to the bathroom and believe me, your WC is heaven in comparison what I saw. I did not use it. The worst thing was that some poor women who had no money to pay the market fee where standing inside with some hand made jewelry for sales. It was very sad. I have the picture in my head since then. And that smell in my mouth still.
    The lake is awesome. On your pictures it looks like rocky desert with the sea inside. Astonishing. What are those red plants? Do you know? Hope you are feeling better with your cold. I think it is the result of a cold shower unfortunately.

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