D19 – Sept 19 – North Cape

Chrystele had to shake me like a plum on a tree, as I didn’t want to get out of bed.

And… Finally… I did it!!!!!!!!!! I had a shower!!!!!!!!!!!
The weather was so-so but we went for an excursion to the North Cape.



We ended the day in a gloomy bar – actually the only one still open in the low season – were e met a couple of local ladies who were dancing like crazy. Around the table:
Two Korean girls who had already a five days break;
A German guy who was born in Tchekoslovakia and learnt Russian in the sixties with an old Lithuanian lady;
A French banker who had quit is job for a four months trip and when he is back he plans to become an interior designer;
A Swiss nurse who will also travel for a while before returning to her job in Zurich;
Wendy, a girl from Leeds. She also quit her job and doesn’t know when she wants to be back to the UK. She told me she was given her first name in reference to Peter Pan. Let’s hope she will find the Imaginary World…

2 thoughts on “D19 – Sept 19 – North Cape

  1. STEPHANIE – WE ALL WANT THE MOVIE WITH THOSE PEOPLE WHO CHANGE THEIR LIVES !!!!! Please publish it when possible. They have guts and I want to see it on their faces 🙂

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