Women are Heroes

Chrystèle flought back to Paris while I was taking the train for Vladivostok… A good opportunity to wrap up in images what has been your hero’s daily life in Russia.

1 - Heroes intro

Happy to leave Paris, happy to reach whatever destination
Above on the right side: arrival to Novosibirsk.

2 - Heroes suitcases

A couple of airports, many railway stations, never-ending stairways where I had to carry my heavy suitcase… Here: In front of the Yekaterinburg’ train museum with lead luggage. 3 - Heroes mission shooting 4 - Heroes shooting

Sticking to my mission, I’ve shoot photographs in every situation, in any position.
Above: On the Olkhon Island

5- Heroes waiting in Perm

And to take good photographs, we sometimes had to go far, and to wait long…
Above: waiting for Godot, the bus that would bring us back from perm 36.

… Or to settle in Far Far East villages:

6 - Heroes in the far far east

… We also had to look at maps (Abalak), read Dostoyevsky’ books (Tobolsk), organize revenge when needed (in the train, with two awful ladies who had made our night difficult. A stroke back, preparing small and dry pieces of bred which I put under their sheets… hahaha. Or freezing, here in Ulan Ude).

6b - Heroes misc activities

Though we also had to deal with more casual activities. Here from left to right:
Bringing laundry to a real hotel, making hot tea for the long day to come, preparing travel expenses report…

7 - Heroes household activities

… Which explains that heroes could get tired – Here in the bus on the Olkhon Island and then in Ulan Ude, coming back from a freezing expedition to a monastery.

9 - Heroes tired

… Or that even we could get sick. Here the two of us on the Olkhon island trying to unblock our nose and lungs…

8 - Heroes sick

Of course, in our story, things will always end well…

10 - Heroes conclusion

Sometimes it even ends with a song !
Hereunder, please share our joy when we finally got our bus back from Perm 36!!!

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