3 thoughts on “Russian dolls – A florilege

  1. “Walking doll” from Russia was the very important and desired gift for a girl of my age during my childhood in communism. Of course when I was a kid guys and I was born ages ago in 1973 … in our toys’ shop the toys from spoiling capitalism were not available. You only could buy some of them for dollars in a chain of shops called Pewex, controlled by the state. Though dollars you could only buy on black market from speculants…. and so on and on – what gives you the vicious circle picture. So in general I experienced lack of inspiring toys. Though many people were travelling to Mother Russia. Once even my father, who was there on a trip for teachers from school he worked in. It was before Santa Clause who of course brought me the doll from Moscow. She was big, red head, plastic lady who looked like made from porcelane with the white dress with green spots on it. When you took her hand, the legs should move … but in reality it was quite hard to make her walk. But at least I could imagine that. My biggest dissapointment though was her hair. I wanted to brush them, but whenever I started, the red hair stayed on the hair brush so after a while she became a little bold. Anyway, what was the ley feature ? It was the size of the doll. She was BIG. Like Russia. and that what mattered the most !

  2. When I was a kid, my father also brought me back a doll from a trip in ex-Techkoslovaquie. The beautifull thing about it was not the doll herself (just plastic poorly articulated) but her clothes !! The skirt was crimson velvet embroydered (“brodé” in french, I searched for it :D) with pearls, gloden stripes and laces. She had white shirt and a smal embellished cardigan without sleeves.
    Here again, the disappointement came from her hair ! :p
    It was only placed around her skull, so as soon as you tried to change her hairstyle, you would discover that she was bald on all the center, just like a monk ! 😀

    Too bad you’re only on the beginning of your trip ; no place in yout bag to bring ones back to us… 😉

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