D28 – Sept 28 – Last snapshot of Russia

10 - Vladivostok


Young Marines seating in front of the Vladivostok railway station.

Funded in 1860, the town was born from scratch, people coming from the Western regions. Which might explain why we don’t see “Asian faces” here, whereas in Ulan Ude, for instance, more than half of the population looked Asian.
For national security reasons, the city, close to Japan, was closed to foreigners up to 1990!


Tonight, I’ve had an amazing time with Slava and his family.
First, we had dinner at his Mum’s place, where his granny also leaves. The Babouchka had prepared local dishes: jelly chicken, cabbage and mashed potatoes, beetroot salad…
Desert was great, a mix of chocolate cake and mysterious ingredients. It is called Konditerskia kolbasa – “Candy sausages” in English…
And finally, she had also prepared a marvelous Russian tea, extremely raffinate and tasty…

Capture d’écran 2013-09-28 à 15.56.37


Then, Slava left his wife and nine-months old kid at home, and he drove me through the night of Vladivostok in amazing spots.
We crossed the two city bridges, one of them being the longest one in the world – over 1 km. Then we had a tour on the Russky island, then we went to the mountains, over the port (photo below), and finally he brought me to the most Eastern lighthouse of the country, feet in the Sea of Japan… Marvelous. The smell was great, it was quiet, and – cherry on the cake – fireworks were lightening the sky, right behind the bridge…

Capture d’écran 2013-09-28 à 15.56.55

Putting some Sea of Japan sand in my pocket, the memory of this amazing ride through the city by night should remain even more vivid. Thank you Slava.


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