D36 – Oct 6 – Fish Fish Fish

A tornado was supposed to reach Korea during the week-end but it seems that we will not have to face that… Good news !
We are about to take a bus which will bring us to the East Coast, so I don’t have much time to tell my story about fishermen in Korea… Meanwhile, you will discover below some pictures shoot this morning at Seoul’ biggest fish market…
Amazingly big fishes, squids, octopuses…

2013-10-06 07.29.342013-10-06 07.29.55  2013-10-06 07.27.03 2013-10-06 07.25.50 2013-10-06 07.25.37 2013-10-06 07.24.33

1 thought on “D36 – Oct 6 – Fish Fish Fish

  1. Énormes ! Je suis contenté d être végétarienne… Car le jour ou ces grosses bêtes se vengeront hein ? Y pense-t-on ??

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