D39 – Oct 9 – Andong’s Masked Ball

According to legend, the Hahoe mask tradition came about when the residents of Hahoe got frustrated with their hoity-toity noble clan.
One clever craftsman carved a likeliness of one of the most obsequious, much of the delight of his peers.
Then, such masks were used in the traditional dance: Characters wear masks representing social classes… including corrupt monks, the establishment, etc. The conflicts among them are portrayed using a style which is kind of a mix of pop art and shamanism.
I let you find who could be who – And vice versa 😀

2013-10-09 05.46.58

2013-10-09 05.47.08 2013-10-09 05.47.18 2013-10-09 05.47.29 2013-10-09 05.47.38 2013-10-09 05.47.51 2013-10-09 05.47.57 2013-10-09 05.48.07 2013-10-09 05.51.20 2013-10-09 05.51.52

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