D52 . Oct 22 . Taipei on my own

0Yesterday night, Alex flew back to Paris, while I was catching a plane for Taiwan.
My first morning in Taipei is gonna be quite depressing.
First of all, Taipei seems incredibly ugly.


Then, my hostel sucks. I’ll not show you my so-called bedroom, no to frighten you, but here are the building mailboxes. Now, imagine this picture is a dorm, and every box a bed… It should give you an idea of the style…


At least but not last, my skull hurts like hell. My hairs have been scratching since Busan, where I was sleeping on a F****** plastic pillow, and the situation has worsened.
I don’t have any other choice but going to see a doctor. The guesthouse tenant recommends me an hospital. I’ll find out this is an Adventist hospital! On the admission form, I’m asked about my religion…


Though, the staff is friendly, they offer me a jasmine tea, I bypass everyone, and less than one hour later I am out, with a couple of lotions in so small quantities that it looks like samples. « Use the appropriate amounts » says the prescription, for whatever it means.


On my never ending way back to the guesthouse, I discover an amazing place, kind of an ancient factory were a Living Arts Festival takes place. A National Geographic pictures exhibition, some contemporary art installations, a nice shop selling nice music.


I see “Both Ways Open Jaws” on the shelves, The Do latest album, that I love. Nice surprise. And most importantly, I discover a Hong-Kong band I’m gonna like a lot : My Little Airport. One of their songs is called : “How can you fall in love with a guy who doesn’t know Gainsbourg”. Gainsbourg is / was the French singer who wrote “My Scenic Railway”, a song you’ll find on “My Route” page of my blog.
Funny coincidence, the day is ending well : )

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