D53 . Oct 23 . Taipei’ cornerstones

I have one day to see everything people talk about when mentioning Taipei: the Chiang Kai Shek memorial, the Sun Yat Sen memorial, the Confucius, temple, the 101 Tower, the night market, the Grand Hotel… The metro is neat, easy to navigate, it’s gonna be a cool day.


First step: the Chiang Kai Shek memorial. Chiang Kai Tchek is the guy who fighted Mao and finally had to exile in Taiwan with his troups. Not a communist, but not really a democrat neither, he led Taiwan from 1949 to 1975, then replaced by his son.


The place is stoning. I wasn’t expecting something so beautiful and monumental. But in a nice way. Often, “monumental” illustrates cold communist agoras. Whereas, that case, the agora is quite elegant.


Two soldiers who don’t blink an eye guard a giant statue of Chiang. Impressive.


Though, it’s hot in there and I can see sweat pearl on his chick. Still, not a move…


Second stop: the highest tower of the city, from where I find out that I’m surrounded with thick smog…




Above  a picture of the tower from the Sun Yat Sen memorial, where students are preparing some celebrations (below) – Sun Yat Sen is the guy who, in the 1910’, fought for China’s independence and led the first (and unique) Chinese democratic government.




At 5PM, the sun is already down. A good news: there’s gonna be no tourist at the Confucius temple. And it’s magic. The lights, the silence, just one monk exercising on the guitar… A great moment.


I’ll end my day at the Grand Hotel. The hotel looks like a huge pagoda; Awesome actually.


My dad was at that very place 22 years ago. Funny, my nowadays my brother looks exactly like him on that picture.

Capture d’écran 2013-10-24 à 14.01.34

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