October’ budget

Budget Shanghai

Difficult to get a real idea of traveling costs in Shanghai with these figures. The Burger icon doesn’t only include food by entrance tickets, stamps, postcards, that kind of things. Our food budget was quite big because we mainly ate at Starbucks Coffees to access wifi, which was critical for us to change our plans.

Budget South Korea

Unlike what we could expect, South Korea is not an expensive country, and, in that respect differs very much from Japan. Public transportation connecting cities is both numerous and cheap, which makes car rental unnecessary, unless you want to explore holes in a very limited time. Here as well, the Burger icon includes food, metro, presents.

Budget Taiwan


One week for 300 euros is really nothing for a country as developed as Taiwan. I slept in Taipei in a creepy hostel as I needed to offset a bit the big flights budget of October I hadn’t plan ahead. But anyway, street food is super safe and cheap, and public transportation doesn’t cost anything. For instance, my train ticket from Taipe to the West Coast cost 1.25 euros, the train ticket to the East coast was 2 euros.

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