D64. Nov3. Blog update & record

No daily news today.
But don’t leave immediately, and don’t cry please!
I’ve totally reshaped the “pages” (in opposition to daily “posts”).

Capture d’écran 2013-11-02 à 18.08.25

The “About me” is now called “Me, a globe-trotter”, focussing on my previous trips.
On the right column of the blog, you have a real “about me” section, about my job and competencies.

The “Road” Page in now called “planed itinerary and local roadmaps”.
I have added to the primary plan one map per country I have visited or will cross in the next months.

Capture d’écran 2013-11-02 à 18.07.42

And the “Preparation” page remains “preparation. Though, I’ve added much more information, questions & answers, infographics, about it, divided into four sections.

Capture d’écran 2013-11-02 à 18.08.07

Already a lot to go through.
I’ll be back tomorrow with a Delhi daily (haha) news.
And please, share your thoughts and comments about those brand new pages !

Oh, one more thing: Yesterday was a great day, as MyScenicRailaway, after two months of activity, exceeded 5000 views !!!
Capture d’écran 2013-11-03 à 06.18.22

4 thoughts on “D64. Nov3. Blog update & record

  1. Hello
    Mini remarque: depuis que tu as changé d’hébergement de blog , le lien Facebook ne se fait plus 😦
    Il fait aller sur ta page Facebook pour voir que tu as écrit. Avant c’était direct sur mon mur …
    Oui je sais suis faignante … Mais j’ai raté 5 jours de ton périple quotidien. !!! Hihihi
    Bonne route miss 🙂

  2. Congratulations !!!
    5 000 views…. Is it possible to know the distribution by countries or by nationalities ?
    It would be very interesting to have an idea about your stats….
    I know, I (and others) are very curious 😉

    About the blog : nice job, good to see your itinaries on maps and the link to the page about your job is very successfull, but how to know the details of your carreer and competencies because when I click for example on a job, the next page don’t give the details ?…

    • Mainly France and the USA. Then Spain and Poland where I have strong supporters 🙂 Then UK, Ireland, Italy, and nationalities I’ve met on my way: Russia, Taiwan, Hong-Kong notably… Nice to see this mapping evolving over time.

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