D67. Nov 6. Amazing pollution

Capture d’écran 2013-11-05 à 12.30.27

Yesterday, my favorite Daily was reporting on the firecrackers used during the Diwali festival (cf. MSR post from Nov 4), responsible for charging the air with sulfur particles.
And indeed the article shares frightening data, as well as this picture (below) taken from the Indian gate in Delhi.2013-11-05 11.06.16

Though, when looking at my window yesterday I came to the conclusion that firecrackers are really the scapegoat (bouc-émissaire) in this story. Their smoke is gone and still, I couldn’t see a damn thing from my window. Unbelievable. You should really have a look at the short video below, I couldn’t believe it myself.
Ten years ago, I had faced big pollution peaks in Chennai (Madras), where the smell was unbearable. Here it’s not the smell, it doesn’t smell that much. You just cannot breathe – I have, by the way, stopped to use the outside swimming pool of the hotel after only one trial, I couldn’t breathe the following day. Really.

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