Two wheel and me . Ch2


My mum loves Harley Davidson’ bikes. This picture was taken in Florida, during our first trip in the US. I am ten and ready to ride. But it’s gonna take ages before the dream comes true.
I’ll have a Honda Vision scooter when I’m 18. It brings me from Point A to Point B but nothing more exciting than that.
I’ve decided that I’ll take bike classes after I get my car driver license. The problem is that I’m going to wait until I’m 34 to pass it.


In between I’ll have a Piaggio 50cc scooter, and then a 125 cc Suzuki bike, for which a driving certificate was needed.

2009 11 Oct Moto Stef 2

And finally, last year, I passed my motorbike license !!! I want to ride a Royal Enfield in India, I want to race on the Paris Dakkar, I want everything !!!

Capture d’écran 2013-10-30 à 19.11.26

Let’s go back to reality. First I need to convince my friend Fabien that I will be able to spend two weeks on a bike. So we spend a couple of days together in the countryside, last July, to test my resistance and capabilities.
Uff, I pass the test, Fabien accepts to join me in India, I can FINALLY live my dream !

Capture d’écran 2013-11-01 à 06.08.25

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