Two wheel and me . Ch3. Road Map

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So, Nov10, Sunday. Fabien is landing in Delhi, I’ll meet him at the hotel booked for the group by Vintage Rides. Tonight we’ll get to meet everyone and tomorrow we leave for a two-week trip in Rajasthan, driving a Royal Enfield 500cc. We will cover 2200 km (1370 miles), and the highest altitude will reach 1750 meters (5700 feet).
Here is the schedule.

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Mon 11. From Delhi to Mandawa. Night in a Havali (ancient noble compound)
Tue 12. Crossing the Thar desert. Night in Bikaner
Wed 13. Long road across the Tar desert, antelopes. Night in Jaisalmer
Thu 14. Visit of Jaisalmer. Night next to the Gadi Sar Lake
Fri 15. Ride through trails. Bivouac in the dunes
Sat 16. Riding East to reach Jodhpur
Sun 17. RIding South to the former Mewar Kingdom. Night in a castle
Mon 18. Sinuous roads of the Aravellis Mounts, to Udaipur, the Orient Venice
Tue 19. Visit of the Khumbalagarh Fortress, longest wall ever (after the China wall).
Wed 20. From Marwar, in the desert, to Pushkar, next to a holy Lake
Thu 21. Sambhar salty Lake. Jaipur, capital city of Rajasthan
Fri 22. Mountain roads
Sat 23. On the way back to Delhi.

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I don’t know if i’ll be able to share my experience live, as we will really spend nights in holes in the middle of nowhere. Vintage Rides will probably post some info on their blog, or Facebook page, or Twitter account, or Pinterest page


On my side, I will capture the most I can by installing a GoPro camera on the top of my helmet… Should be worth it 🙂

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