D83 . Nov 22 . Wedding on the road, lunch on the rock

IMG_1916The road is exhausting. Holes, bumps…
At one point a cow pops up from nowhere, she was behind a truck when she probably suddenly decided to cross the street. I almost crash, good that she was running, otherwise I would be dead. This is the only time I really get scared.
And a miracle happens: A wedding is taking place on the road, people are dancing. Overtaking the crowd is not easy but the good news is that our leader decides to stop.
We are gonna dance with them, in our astronauts overalls!!!
Of course, men are very excited by our presence, whereas shy women will stay behind.

After this charming and surprising interlude, I will ask Ravi to drive more slowly.
Indeed, we are exhausted and the road is demanding, I feel I’m loosing focus.
a few kilometers afterwards, we stop by a caff (gargotte) for our last lunch by the Rajasthan roads…
The owner is not used to get so many guests at once, so our team leader and our mechanic give him a hand: Ravi prepares the bread, Sanjay cooks it in the oven!

Capture d’écran 2013-11-23 à 12.55.01 Capture d’écran 2013-11-23 à 12.55.12 Capture d’écran 2013-11-23 à 12.55.48

This is going to be our last afternoon, I try to capture every image, every light, every face…

1 thought on “D83 . Nov 22 . Wedding on the road, lunch on the rock

  1. All of this is inspiring, makes me dream. Just make sure you ‘stay in the moment’, rather than continuously mentally ‘translate’ every experience in terms of how you will communicate about it.

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