Holly Cow ! Benares Happy Animals ?

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“Holy cow!” is an exclamation of surprise used mostly in the United States, Canada, Australia and England. It is a minced oath or euphemism for “Holy Christ!”

happy cow

In Hinduism, is revered as the source of food and symbol of life and may never be killed.
Some scholars believe the tradition came to Hinduism through the influence of strictly vegetarian Jainism. But the cow continued to be especially revered and protected among the animals of India.

That’s why you find cows everywhere. On the roads, on the streets, on stairs, even in railway stations, grabbing garbage. In Varanasi, every step was a challenge and both Fabien and I walked onto cow shit at some point… Charming moments !
But cows are not the only frees animals in this city.

happy goat

I’ve seen a goat leaking the feet of a dead body about to be cremated, hanging around blazing fires…

happy dog 1

I’ve seen a dog spending his entire day staring at the Ganga, not even moving an ear.

happy dog

I’ve seen a dog probably waiting for the reincarnation cycle to end.
happy monkey 2

I’ve seen monkeys playing and jumping from one roof to another, like in James Bond pursuits’ scenes.

happy monkye 1

I’ve seen a mouse eating a cake in the showcase of a pastry shop. The best method ever to trigger a diet when you like sweet as much as I do.

happy mousse

1 thought on “Holly Cow ! Benares Happy Animals ?

  1. Très intéressant. Ça a l air dur quand même Benares….une visite forte j ai l impression. Incroyable le reportage sur les bêtes ! 🐭🐮🐒🐶

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