Fueling your scooter in Indonesia

Capture d’écran 2013-12-17 à 07.44.46

In Bali, and in Java, you only find gas stations in big cities.
To usefully complement the network, it looks like every single person having a house by the road sells fuel as well. they showcase 1 liter and 2 liters glass bottles on wood shelves.

Capture d’écran 2013-12-17 à 07.44.55

No need to share the same language, they would immediately understand why you stop by. You think there’s nobody around, but after a couple of seconds someone pops up – Like below, in Bali.

Or here, in Java, when we were lost in the fields, around Walu Utu.
This woman was selling benzine, as they call in in Java, but she was also having a cow and was drying corn in the garden. A local conglomerate !

In regular gas stations, 1 liter would cost 5000 Rupees, and 7000 Rupees in those small shops. For your information, 12 000 Rupees stand for 1 Euro…
To complement their revenues, most of those shops also sell snacks and water. Very useful. As we were desperately trying to reach the Bromo mountains, we bought waffles in one of those shops. Our only meal that very day…

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