Dec 22 / Heroes in Bali and Java

Snorkeling, photographing fishes, photographing myself in the swimming pool because I’m so happy to have a waterproof camera, riding a scooter, packing, unpacking, hiking, tattooing… The list of activities un Bali and java was rich.

Capture d’écran 2013-12-19 à 11.27.42

Still, I am flying to new adventures:
On Saturday Michelle flight back to Paris, and on my side I flight to Manilla.
Today i’ll see Véronique and Guy, who come from Paris to the Philippines for vacation and share a slice of my journey – The “Stefathon” keeps going !

Capture d’écran 2013-12-19 à 11.27.55

I’ll spend Christmas in the Manilla island, New Year’s Eve in Palawan, and will flight early next year to Cebu, where I will meet with many local people my Dad knows…. To be continued !

1 thought on “Dec 22 / Heroes in Bali and Java

  1. and swimming, laughing, eating, smoking…
    and My Heroe was Steph people…!! She save my hair from a Monkey in Ubud, from slipping in the mud sending me into the ditch in Java and she treated me after my fall because of the chicken in the balinese village!! :))

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