D124 . Jan 2 . A camp on a survivors’ island

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After a night on the shore, we decided to spend a night on the beach of a inhibited island.
Actually, many reality shows – such as Survivors or Kho Lanta – have taken place somewhere in the Bacuit archipelago.

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I didn’t really take part into the settlement – I was down with throat pain and a fever difficult to stand when it is more than thirty degrees outside… Meanwhile, my companions prepared everything.

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And we had a fish and pork barbecue, sit around a surf board, the best table ever !

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The night was tough though. Heavy wind, suffocating atmosphere inside the tent, sand fleas everywhere… But when we finally opened our “doors” in the early morning we all felt rewarded by the amazing view that was offered to our eyes…

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We were ready for our last boat day !

4 thoughts on “D124 . Jan 2 . A camp on a survivors’ island

  1. Hope you are well by now… Got back to work and have just checked-out the page… pictures are fantastic as always!! So now you are in the Phillipines…. (and I’m here in front of my PC, working…) Big hugs and Happy New Year, Steph !! 🙂

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