D129 . Jan 7 . Chasing dolphins, a tricky job

Capture d’écran 2014-01-11 à 03.05.26




I arrived last week on the Cebu island. After the fishing lesson i reported on in my previous post, I left with my friend Paul to his sea house of Moalboal, on the West coast.
Our plan: chasing fishes, and chasing dolphins.

Capture d’écran 2014-01-11 à 03.05.03

I could have nicely stayed in that cosy terrace, but I wanted to learn how to drive a jet ski. And so did I !
First I spent one hour observing an experimented driver from the back seat. And the first ten minutes i was petrified, holding his life jacket like a piranha could have hold my big toe. Then I started to relax, and it got even better when I hold the handlebar…

So, the following day, together with Paul, we went for a ride, our goal being to find a dolphins’ spot. I drove for one hour, the sea was smooth, everything seemed basically under control. And then we switched, so that Paul could have some fun as well.

And then, all the sudden, the conditions dramatically changed. Waves became bigger, and bigger, and bigger, some of them probably exceeding two meters – According to Paul because at some point I just closed my eyes ! In addition, some seagrass got caught into our engine and we couldn’t drive over 10 MPH (versus 25 miles per hour the first hour of ride). When I finally started to make out the coast, I started to think: “if the jet ski doesn’t make it to there, will I be able to swim up to the shore ???”. But good that we didn’t have to do so, ’cause we hadn’t noticed we had lost our fins during our battle with the ocean…

We came back crampy, my legs and Paul’s hands like rocks.
Of course, not a single dolphin was seen.

2014-01-13 20.02.31


A bit stubborn, we decided to give it another try. But, the following day, instead of using the jet ski, we took the boat. Uffffff.

Capture d’écran 2014-01-11 à 03.06.21


And we DID see dolphins ! Only for a few seconds, but we saw them, jumping ahead of us, a very nice moment. The sea was quiet, the sun was high, the mood was excellent !


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