Some education about the Philippines… A quick one

As I’m pretty sure not even 1% of the general population knows about the Philippines, I’ve decided to run a class on the country history. Don’t worry, I’m gonna make it easy, catchy, easy to remember. So.

First of all : Once upon a time, around 6000 years ago, Austronesians left Southern China for Taiwan. From there, they moved to Sumatra, the Malay peninsula, the Philippines, and further.

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Then, Filippinos lived their lives. In the early Middle Age, they start having contact with the outside world. Chinese traders arrived in junks, bearing ceramics, tea and silk in exchange for local forest products such as wax, pearls, betel nuts, tortoiseshells.

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Then, they meet with muslims. In 1175, they are present in Manilla. In 1475, a sultanate is established on Sama and Tausug.

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Then, Magellan gets to the Philippines in 1521, starts christianization, but he gets killed by Lapu Lapu. Spain will send Legazpi to have the job done.

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The Spanish evangelized, built churches, schools, hospitals, etc. etc.
Though, in the 19th century, like in Western Europe, with the development of trade, a “middle class” emerges, and resistance to colonization raise.

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Though, as those movements were getting stronger and stronger, Spain gets in war against the United States in 1898, the result of American intervention in the Cuba independence war. To make a long story short, the Spanish empire collapses, and the United States gain all of Spain’s colonies outside of Africa: Guam, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam.

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The Americans run the Philippines, giving further access to education, and granting more and more power to the locals. When the country is ready to get independent, the war in Europe becomes global, Japan attacking the US… And invades the Philippines !!!

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The independence is one more time postponed, it will only happen after the WWII, in July 1946.

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Contemporary history can unfold. The Philippines will have to go through the martial law, under the Marcos times, and the country really adopts democracy in the 1980’…

1 thought on “Some education about the Philippines… A quick one

  1. Thanks for sharing this story in short but very appealing way. It is very interesting. When I read it I immediately see very similar path in Polish history. The country started to be born in 960. It became big and strong for decades. Countries like Lithuania, Ukraine or Belarus were a part of Poland those days. Then we got our European “colonialism” era. In 1795 Poland has been divided between three countries Russia, Germany and Austria. It has been erased from the global map. It only gained back its independence in 1918! … and only for twenty one years until II World War. Then we had communism. We were visible on the map but the key word was “totalitarianism”. And we won the battle for democracy in 1989! 9 years later than Philippines. Incredible how similar history can be. The thing is that we tempt to forget quickly about those massive movements, similarities, threats, changes. Yesterday for example, the team of ten colleagues received a question: “What was the biggest change in Poland last 50 years?”. There was only one person who responded: “we battled communism and we have democracy”. I think that we loose memory quite quickly. Your story let me step back for a moment. Thank you!

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