my life with taxi drivers

Every ride with taxi drivers has told me a little bit more about local cultures.
You might remember a report from New Delhi, when a taxi driver in his thirties explained to me he had to get his mother authorization before going on a week-end trip.
So. I’ve also had interesting conversations here, in the Philippines – Especially because I make up a new story every time, as they keep asking personal questions…

TX = Taxi
MSR = MyScenicRailway correspondent

Capture d’écran 2014-01-25 à 14.08.38

Here was my first chat, in Cebu

TX: How many children do you have?
MSR: None
TX: Oh
MSR: Not yet
Inner me: Seven, and my name is Snow White; the prince is asleep
TX: Are you traveling on your own?
MSR: Yes
TX: Are you traveling alone?
MSR: Yes
TX: You left your husband at home?
MSR: I don’t have a husband
TX: I’m sorry, so sorry
Inner me: F*** you

And here the last chat I had, yesterday, in Manila, with Georgio…

Based on the previous experience, I had, of course, a different storyline to give

taxi manille

TX: I can drive you all day if you want
MSR: Oh, that’s nice of you, but I’d rather walk
TX: I can drive you tomorrow if you want
MSR: Oh thanks, but I’ll be leaving tomorrow
TX: Are you travelling on your own?
MSR: No, only for today
Inner me: time to make up a story
TX: Have you been to the Port? There is a nice life night there
MSR: How, thanks for the advice, I might go with my friend
Inner me: here we are
TX: Are you married?
MSR: No, I’m not, I just have a boyfriend, you know…
TX: But where is he?
MSR: He is sick, you know, stomach problems, he stayed at the guesthouse for the day
TX: But you should have stayed with him
MSR: Well, It wouldn’t help much
TX: I hope you took good care of him
MSR: Yes, of course, don’t worry
TX: I hope you have cuddled  him at least
MSR: Don’t worry, I did what I had to do…
Inner me: Does he want to know if I sucked him before I left?
TX: How old are you?
MSR: 33
Inner me: What’s the point?
TX: Oh, you still look beautiful
MSR: Thank you
Inner me: still??? Fuck you, I thought 33 was young
TX: Where do you live?
MSR: In France
TX: Is France in Europe?
MSR: Yes it is
TX: Do you drink?
Inner me: what a question is that? It is only 10AM, does he want to invite me for a drink?
TX: Do you smoke?
Inner me: I’m certainly not going to confirm your clichés about Western women
TX: I smoke, I cannot quit, it’s too difficult
MSR: You should try sports, it helps.
TX: I don’t have time. On Sundays I spend time with my friends.
MSR: Oh, yes, of course, it’s not that easy
Inner me: When are we going to reach my destination???
TX : We are almost there, I will leave you by the church
MSR : Sure
Inner me : Whatever
TX : Are you a catholic ?
MSR : Half. Half Jew, half catholic
TX : Oh, it doesn’t matter, here in the Philippines we are tolerant
MSR : I’m so glad to hear that
Inner me : I’m so glad that I’ve finally used this stupid sentence we hear in US series

Today, I was having a last drive with a taxi driver, to the airport. Quite a long drive. I pretended from the very beginning that I was mute.


4 thoughts on “my life with taxi drivers

  1. You could have a TShirt with all those answers or a sticker you could give the driver when you enter the taxi with last sentence – I do not speak any language:) hahahahaha

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