D152. Jan 30. No Horses in Little India

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When Thomas Raffles arrived in Singapore, back in 1819, we was accompanied by 120 Indians.

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Then, Singapore became a UK colony.

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Under the Raffles Plan of Singapore, the Indian division of colonial Singapore where Tamil immigrants would reside under the British policy of ethnic segregation was in Chulia Kampong.

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Later, with more and more Indians settling in Singapore, Indians moved to a larger district, the nowadays Little India.

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The funny thing is that, when I was walking through the streets, I almost didn’t see any woman, whereas men where holding each other like they do in actual India. It seems that the Indian way of Life moved together with the people, the ensemble being encapsulated in a couple of square kilometers…

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Across the avenue was “Arab Street”, another ethnic district built around the mosque.
After signing his treaty with the newly installed “Sultan” Hussein Mohammed Shah, Raffles allotted the area to the sultan and designated the land around it as a Muslim settlement.
In those streets, I passed by veiled women. Meanwhile, men were playing cards.

As Chinese were celebrating the Horse Year, Little India and Arab Street where the only places where I could find open stores !

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