By the Way, My Scenic Railway…

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In case you’d wonder why I’ve called my blog My Scenic Railway…
No, it’s not because of the Gainsbourg’ song (featured somewhere on my blog).
It’s due to the existence of a Luna park in Melbourne, Australia.
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At the very beginning of my project, I thought I would travel from St Petersburg, Russia, to Melbourne, Australia. In French, we call roller coasters “montagnes russes”: “Russian Mountains”. And there is in Melbourne one of the most ancient roller-coaster ever, the “Great Scenic Railway”. Calling my blog like that was, therefore, connecting the Alpha and Omega, my first and my last destinations…

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The first Luna Park was built at Coney Island, NY, in 1903. Melbourne’s Luna park was designed in 1912. The Great Scenic Railway was its principal feature when it first opened.
The moorish entrance towers and Mister Moon were built as part of the Great Scenic Railway and from 1912 it was a unique example of roller-coaster and amusement park design. It is now the only roller-coaster from this period in operation.

(photos courtesy of Marie Bourlis)

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