D173. Fev 19. Heroes are flying in different directions

Marie1Marie thought she was flying on the 18th, so she got a nice surprise when checking her e-ticket: She was finally flying back to France on the 19th, after almost three weeks on my side across New South Wales and Victoria…

Australia StefOn my side, I fly to Cairns, North East Australia, the access point to the Great Coral Reef and new adventures…

Marie2What did Marie like the most ? seeing kangaroos and our ride through Great Ocean Road.
What she’d like to explore further ? Body boarding !

Australia Stef2It’s the last time you’ll se this yellow diving mask – As well as my red sneakers. My snorkeling material got stollen in the car a couple of weeks ago. The care was locked and parked in front of our motel door, but still… I had stupidly left two camera lenses in the gloves box, that got stollen as well.
The most annoying though, is the mask, that I had tailor-made to my eyes vision, otherwise I don’t see a damn thing in the water. Let’s hope I’ll be able to find a way to have it done in Cairns…

Capture d’écran 2014-02-19 à 04.46.27

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