D177. Feb 23. Barracudaaaaaaa

First, let me introduce you those five. I don’t know who they are. I don’t know what’s their family. But still, I kind of like them.

fish black and yellow fish orange fish x fish y Fish yellow white

And then come the five star fishes…

Bridled parrotfish (scarus frenatus) 47cmbridled parrotfish (scarus frenatus) – un perroquet de mer de 47cm

Bullethead parrotfish (scerus sordidus) 40cm Bulletheadbullethead parrotfish (scerus sordidus) – 40cm

Longfin... Longfin batfish (platax teira) 60cm Longfin bat...longfin batfish (platax teira) – 60cm

Masqued bannerfish (heniochus monoceros) 23cmmasqued bannerfish (heniochus monoceros) – 23cm

Moorish idol (zanclus comulus) 16cmmoorish idol (zanclus comulus) -Le zangle cornu en français – 16cm

Trumpet fish (aulostomus chinensis) 80cmtrumpet fish (aulostomus-chinensis) -80cm. Looks like a multicolor calamari somehow…

Yellow boxfish (ostracion cubicus) 45cmyellow boxfish (ostracion cubicus) -45cm

And just as I was coming back to the boat, exhausted by two hours of snorkeling and fighting with the waves, I got to see that:

Barracuda (sphyrena genie) 100 cmA barracuda !!! One meter long (shyrena genie) !!! Very impressive. I didn’t get to see his jaws, apparently threatening…