D178. Feb 24. The Greyhound, a family mythology

Capture d’écran 2014-02-25 à 12.15.35On Monday, I’ve jumped in my first Greyhound. I have an open ticket to hop as many times as I wish between Cairns and Sydney, 2645 km all together !
Not bad, isn’t it ? Though, some of my family folks did better…

Capture d’écran 2014-02-25 à 12.24.11

Back in 1968, my beloved parents, who had just met, spent the summer in the US.
First they worked in NYC for a while – My mum was taking care of cats, my dad was working in a “lunchnet”. Then the explored the country.
Within 45 days, they rode 16 000 km !
200 hours spent in the bus through NY, DC, Minneapolis, Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, SF, Yosemite, LA, Gd Canyon, Santa Fé, El Paso and Chihuahua in Mexico with Speed Rabbit Uses, Huston, New Orleans, Cape Kennedy…

So, somehow, It looks like I have a history with trips, doesn’t it 😉

1 thought on “D178. Feb 24. The Greyhound, a family mythology

  1. That’s the first thought that came to my mind when I became aware of the journey you had undertaken. “It’s in her genes”. Bonne continuation…

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