The Aussie from Paris & the Frenchie of Oz

manu1First time I talked to Manu, we were in the office elevator, and we discussed a Triumph bike the two of us would like to ride some day. We were apparently sharing the same interests for vintage items, speed, foreigners, travel… A few months later, he was at my desk, announcing in triumph that he was about to move to Sydney – Together with his Australian girlfriend, Bisera.

Six years ago, when Bis met him, she was on the verge of leaving Paris. She had only been there for a couple of months but she was suffering from the cold ! They met at The Divan du Monde, a trendy music scene in the city. “He was smiling at me from ear to ear, I remember his white teeth”. A few hours later, he was showing her the Montmartre houses.


To us, Parisians, houses in the city is magic; to Bisera, an Aussie from Sydney, that looked pretty banal ! She had left Australia in a quest for a new challenges, her mother was listening to Charles Aznavour songs and watching Alain Delon movies. That’s how you start working in a souvenirs shop on the Champs Elysées!!!

Last year, they moved to Sydney.

Capture d’écran 2014-03-20 à 23.34.08

This is now the view they get from their window. They can even have breakfast with their sunglasses. “I love Paris but I was missing space, nature, and sports”, explains Bis.


“I’ve always wanted an overseas experience”, tells Manu. “I like speaking English, to discover other worlds, so the move was kind of natural”.


“I miss my parents, I miss my friends, I miss the Parisian coffee shops. But the quality of living here, is incomparable”. You bet ! Bis works like crazy for her advertising agency, Manu travels a lot through Asia to expand his company’s business, but the rest of the time is wonderland! Amazing view on the sea, a few minutes drive from Bondi Beach, a famous surf’ spot, little traffic, culture downtown, sports… “Surfing is not that easy when you don’t start at five years of age, but I’ll make it”. And I’m sure he will !


When I was at their place, I had French cheese Manu had bought online… A delight ! Now, he would like to share his passion for food with locals.

…Yeah, at the end of the day, that’s all their life is about : Sharing. Not only sharing their lives, obviously, but sharing cultures, a never-ending journey.



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