Backpackers of Oz


It really looks like Australia’s East Coast attracts backpackers from all over the world. When I started my trip in Cairns, up north, I even got the feeling I was suddenly in a special town where a special meeting was about to take place – Like Woodstock 2014, with different purposes.
Moving forward, I realized how different every one of us was, most of us coming here with a purpose, all of us with an interesting story to tell.

Camping cars

The travellers I didn’t meet are the one who travel by motorhome. Small camper vans where three or four people sleep one on the top of the other – at least that was my impression. In general, they would be surfers, going from one spot to another, living for their passion. The others would just smoke water pipes watching the sunset, or the sunrise, or whatever, it doesn’t matter much.

Anglaise à Byron BayA majority of backpackers are in their twenties, coming from Europe – Mainly Germans, some Brits, some Swedish, a couple of others. They come with a “working holiday” permit. They work to get enough money to enjoy vacations in the country afterwards. In general, they would be waiters in Sydney, carpenters in small towns, fruits pickers in the countryside… They spend the money and they work again. From a few months to an entire year for some of them. Most of them are students, living at their parents, but some aren’t.
For example, this lovely British girl is a hairdresser in Cambridge. A bit bored she came here to face a brighter future, and probably make money…

françaiseAlexia is French, we’ve spent time in the same guesthouses from Townsville to Byron Bay, meaning almost the entire East part of my trip. She had been fired from her job and thought it could help her to speak better English to find a new position. At the Airlie Beach guesthouse, I met another French woman in her fifties, also unemployed; also thinking it would help her to be better at English. She had left behind her husband and son for a six months experience in Australia and New Zealand. An other time, on Magnetic Island, I met a couple of young French students, graduating from their management school, also being here to improve their English.

Italien à Airlie BeachMetello. He reached Australia by boat, all the way from Italia, passing by Russia, China, Indonesia… He left nine months ago after his brother sold the company he was working at. Though, he is considering coming back, for his mother… By boat still…

Aren’t they amazing ???

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