A special post for Carmen : the dark side of My Scenic Railway

Yesterday, my friend Carmen published the following comment : “Steph, come on!…You shouldn’t be so cruel with us. Where are the ugly pictures? Those days where you can not get out of bed….Or when you have the flu or just fever….What about your blistered feet ? The nasty angle of things?… We need a little bit of balance to put our lives in perspective !!!”

So, to help you in being happy to go to the same office and location day after day, I’ll share with you the dark side of a world tour.

Let’s start with a clarification: I didn’t get any blister, can you believe that ?
Carmen is mentioning a weakness I confessed when introducing myself for the blog.

Capture d’écran 2014-04-03 à 07.48.21Though, it hasn’t been easy and it doesn’t mean it will not happen at all.
My trek boots died in the Philippines, my fins and my light sneakers got stollen in Australia, my flip flaps lost their absorption capabilities after months spent on the beach, my soles are full of holes, and my last pair of shoes, yellow trail shoes, are living their last days… Eventually I’ll need to buy new ones, and that’s when problems might occur. Haha.

But, my dear Carmen, I had recently to face a worse threat…Capture d’écran 2014-04-03 à 07.33.44 Over the months, my hair grew. Yeah, nothing special. Though, I had told myself I wouldn’t go to the hairdresser for a year, could be fun to see the end result. Even though the far right picture seems to demonstrate it could have become a challenge !

Capture d’écran 2014-04-03 à 07.55.32
So, what happened in between those two pictures ?

I was staying at a youth hotel, in Byron Bay, Australia. A 6-bed dorm, common bathroom for 50 people. Of course, nothing to put your stuff in the bathroom. I just a bottle of soap, a towel, a comb, and basta. No glasses even. So. One morning, I wake up, go to the shower, put my stuff under my arm, get out, use my comb…
And then I see bugs on the comb. Moving. With their little legs. Awful. And all those people around. I throw the hair into the bin, go back to the room asap to get dressed.

On the way, I start thinking that I might have got those stuff long ago, that I need to take a sample and go to the doctor with it. I empty a pills box, take the bin, hide in the toilets to find the hairs in the bin, put the hair and the bugs in the box. Then I run to the doctor. I have to wait until 4PM until he investigates. Then, he confirms I have Australian bugs, something he can see thanks to the special way those hair lices turn around my hair. Nice detail. Though, I’m very relieved this is not coming from Korea or Russia…

_MG_0168I am given a spray that looks like plastic on my head. So I cannot really hide it from my five room mates. I have to tell them I have bugs in my hair. First humiliation.
In the evening, I put the spray over my hair,it should kill the bugs. The following day, I go to the hairdresser, thinking it would anyway be better to get shorter hair for the next spray use, one week from now. But of course, the hairdresser notices some eggs behind my head and refuses to cut my hair. Does she says in front of all the customers. Second humiliation.
I’m back to the youth hostel. Quite stressed I must say. And disgusted. That’s when a French room mate offers to remove all of them. But she needs to do that with some light, meaning in the courtyard, where hundreds of people pass by all the time. Third humiliation.

So, at the end of the day, the scene doesn’t look very different from this picture I shot In Intramuros, a Manilla district…Capture d’écran 2014-04-03 à 08.28.06The following day, I went to a different hairdresser, who cut them very short.
Of course, I didn’t really enjoy Byron Bay 😉
That’s what happens when you sleep for months in dorms…

So, my dear Carmen, you see : sometimes it’s nice to have your own bed :)))))

1 thought on “A special post for Carmen : the dark side of My Scenic Railway

  1. Pffff…. Once again, bugd in the hair are very common even for European childre . And nothing to be ashamed of as they are not related to personnal hygiene. You can wash your hair everyday, they are not disturbed at all by shampoo. To have short hair just avoid contamination ( or so it’s said as I ve got the feeling it’s just like mosquitos : some people just lure these bugs 😛 )
    So your bagback is getting lighter woth less shoes then ? When will you snap in buying a new pair ? I guess you won’t fall for delicious shiny red italian ‘escarpins’!!!! 😀

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