D216. Apr 3. Christchurch – Chapter 2 : Resilience

intro 1 This poem by Emilie Dickinson tells it all: Yesterday is history and Christchurch’ people want to look forward.

intro 2 Not many of them left Christchurch. The city only lost 50 000 people or so.

intro 3 And reconstruction started.

intro 4In the city center, a new mall called “Re:Start” has been built from scratch, using containers in a creative way.

chantier 1 chantier 3chantier 2

Mechanical shovels keep clearing out. According to an art curator we met in a temporary museum – a square container – this has been taking too much time, because of the insurance process. “Three years is a lot when you live among ruins”, did she say.

Capture d’écran 2014-04-04 à 10.06.56

Though, construction sites are everywhere. And you can see the following poster all across the city. It looks like an “Extreme Makeover” TV advertising campaign (les maçons du coeur in French)…

macon 1

and, indeed, the city center looks like an ant hive…

macon 2 macon 3 macon 4 macon 5 macon 6


And still, staff and competencies are missing…

macon 7

In addition to the reconstruction plans, the local government seems to take people’s mood very seriously and everything encourage them to think positively.

chantier 4 hope 1

Here for, instance, in front of this devastated historical building, were displayed ten advert posters, featuring www.allright.com.nz and Fb.com/allrightnz.
Their point ? Well-being…

hope 2

Other headlines were :
“Had a good boogie lately ? Everyone needs to let their hair down now and then.”
“When did you last share your hidden talents ? Everyone wins when we pass our skins and passions.”
“When was your last moment of wonder ? Sometimes the quietest moments can really change our perspective.”
“Shown a mate you care lately ? Often the little things mean the most to our family and friends.”
“When did you last get your sweat on ? Exercise is a proven pick-me-up, even a little bit helps a lot.”
“When did you last share kai with the whanau ? Good food tastes even better with the ones we love.”


Christchurch was obliged to look to the future differently…


1 thought on “D216. Apr 3. Christchurch – Chapter 2 : Resilience

  1. In this context, what is the inhabitants state of mind ? if you met people, maybe you had the opportunity to exchange with us… ? (we know you… and your invetigation mind !)

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