D219. Apr 6. The Kiwi kindness

glacier2Yesterday, we went to Franz Joseph Glacier. As it was heavily raining, we stopped by the information center to ask for a detailed map of the different paths, in case we would have to change our itinerary. And we were ready to pay two dollars to get the needed leaflet. But the cashier said: “Oh, you don’t need to buy that, you’ll find exactly the same on every single panel when you’ll be there, just take a photograph”. Amazing. She didn’t want our two euros. Or, to be more precise, she didn’t want to screw us. And that’s how kiwis are.

fruitsWhen we were back from the Able Tasman National Park the other day, we passed by this fruits shelve. Prices were sticked on the fruits, or on the plastic bag. A cup was there for people to put the money, nobody was there to check. And indeed, we saw a teenager passing by, on his skate board. He grabbed a box of free range eggs, put coins in the cup, left. Unbelievable from a France perspective….

librairy corner In Christchurch, we passed by a couple of “public libraries”: book shelves and books that people can take, and put back. Or leave other books… It’s all about trust.

And when there is a warning, a poem seems to make it better :
“Take and take and take,
“But when you take and don’t donate,
“There is only one fake,
“The quality begins to flake.
“So that is what is at stake,
“If you only take and don’t donate”…

Capture d’écran 2014-02-04 à 11.17.48It reminded me another story, back when I arrived in Sydney for the very first time. I had put my stuff in the hostel, and went out for lunch. Ordered a salad and a fresh juice fruit. I had to pay at the counter before the guy gives me the food. Then, I realize I’ve left my purse on my bed. So I tell the guy I will be back in the moment. And he answers :
“No, no, no. Eat first, you will come back later to pay me, no worries”.

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