Green meadows meat tastes better


Around four million kiwis populate New Zealand. But far more impressive, New Zealand feeds 38 million sheep and 5 million beef cattle, most of them grass fed. With such passion for pastoral farming and  so many well fed animals, no doubt that New Zealand meat tastes so good !


And indeed, we tasted it and we loved it ! Everywhere we had meat, from a steak au poivre to an eye filet, it was tender, tasty, and perfectly cooked. Have a look :

steak au poivre

Am I making you hungry ? I hope so.
Another interesting feature about meat in New Zealand is that meat is sexy, whereas in Europe meat is rather bloody disgusting and butchers even a bit frightening.
For example, lately, a popular beer brand launched a communication campaign axed around a meat hunt, with advertising posters showing the meat in trays.


The firm has developed an augmented reality mobile app via BBDO, designed to create conversation around beer, cider and food matching. The app gives the opportunity to “hunt” duck, venison, lamb and beef, everywhere from your local bar to their office, with the chance to win what you hunt. Funny, isn’t it ?

Other example. A meat company, “Green Meadows Beef”, has chosen “farmed with passion, delivered with pride” as a tagline. You couldn’t imagine such communication in Europe. And even their advertising film is entertaining :

<p><a href=”″>A CUT ABOVE</a> from <a href=””>Frontroom</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I guess than being a butcher in New Zealand is quite nice… And from a consumer perspective, a local meat with a local red wine is a must !

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