D224. Apr 11. The day ended in the sky

The day started on the sea, paddling our kayak a on quiet lake… but ended quite differently !

parachute 1When we ended our tour on the lake, the kayaks owner, Ben, told Alex we could get a special fare, shall we be interested in parasailing (parachute ascensionnel). Alex was tempted but didn’t want to go on his own. I felt guilty to say no… So I said yes… Though adding : “OK, but let’s do it right now, before I start thinking about it”.

parachute 2 Thirty minutes later, I had a harness around my hips, ready to take off…

parachute 3 I don’t remember much of the take off, as I was only focussed on my respiration. Indeed, 12 minutes of apnea seemed unreasonable, so I had to do my best.

parachute 4 Then I thought : “those twelve minutes are gonna be so long. What can I do ? May be I can count twelve times to sixty ?”. Finally, I’d rather ask Alex: “Can you tell me about your trip to Svalbard (Spitzberg) ? I’d like to know every detail”.

parachute 5 As this trip took place ten years ago, he understood that something was going wrong with me and tried to distract me fro my fear as much as he could. So, finally, I was able to turn my neck to see what was going on around…

parachute 6
Left. Breathe. Right. Breathe. Down. Oh fuck. Up. Ufff.

parachute 7I had carried  my GoPro but as my hands were glued to the harness I didn’t take any picture. Meanwhile, Alex, ecstatic, was filming…

Isn’t it amazing ? THe lake, the mountains, a light wind, even breathing seemed to be better here that anywhere else on earth.

I’m glad that Alex was able to record this precious moment…

paysage 4

paysage 3

paysage 2

paysage 1Isn’t it more beautiful from the sky ?

parachute 8When we landed on the boat i was relieved, but a bit disappointed that I hadn’t been able to relax sooner.

pieds 1Yes… I look a little bit… tense… don’t I ?

pieds  2 I guess it was one of those moments where I had just looked at my feet…

pieds 3Oh, nice, the shadow of our parachute…

fil 1But you know how long was the cable ?

fil 2250 meters long !!!

parachute 20At the end of trip though, I was super happy we did it, thanking Alex that he convinced me. Probably THE highlight of our New Zealand experience. And, frankly, I think I’ll do it again !


4 thoughts on “D224. Apr 11. The day ended in the sky

  1. So imagine that you have to land on the beach among umbrellas and march the tiny square by pulling the rope (for which you do not have any strength for) – I loved it though! and yes the views are amazing but the best is that you can fly! the feeling is super cool! Congratulations that you made it – I know that it was a challenge for you!

  2. I was sure of that… Gradually, when I read you I thought “I believe she will do a other experience like this…” and I’m glad to know at the end that you are agree to do it again ! 😉

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