Kuala Lumpur is like my shoes… Contrasted

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Kuala Lumpur is like my shoes : a part of it has embraced technology, the other part didn’t follow well enough and slipped in a mud puddle.

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in out 8Kuala Lumpur has amazing malls that will, one day for sure, compete with what you can find in Singapore, HK, or Shanghai. Indeed, it looks like all the ingredients for a perfect shopping recipe have been gathered: International brands, luxury goods, architectural splendor, lights everywhere, promotional shows, good baristas and macaroons…

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In India, shopping malls had been built but the middle class has been very impacted by the 2008 crisis ad when I went there last November, all of them were empty and curtains closed. On the contrary, it looks like here in Kuala Lumpur investors maintained the pace, and new buildings are being erected every day.

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Though, as usual, not everyone seems to be benefiting from the growth. But poverty isn’t so obvious.

in out 2On this picture for example, what do you see ? Well, at first glance you get caught by the world-class graffiti. Second look: You might notice that two guts are sleeping on a bench. Discrete indigence, but here it is.

in out 9It might explain the perplexity you can read of this man’s face, at the Pavillon Mall. May be he wonders how such flashy anthills can coexist so close to insalubrious habitations? I don’t know. But he could.

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1 thought on “Kuala Lumpur is like my shoes… Contrasted

  1. When I was in KL there were many many streets without sidewalks and you had to jump and run around the cars! And I was amazed in the Petrona’s jewelry stores that ladies covered up completely with gloves and glasses were let in buy the guards just like that and I always thought… how do they know who they are to let them in without veryfiying if they’re skinny guys carrying guns! Perplexing city…

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