The Jungle Train : Arrivée en Gare

gare 3By dint of its very existence, the line doesn’t pass through virgin jungle; instead much of the route south of Gua Musang is flanked by regrowth forest and woodland, and the line often dips through cuttings below ferny embankments, or skirts the backs of kampung gardens, within eyeshot of bougainvillea and fruiting rambutan and mango trees.

gare 1 The Jungle Railway’s official name is the less romantic “Sektor Timur & Selatan” (East and South Route), managed by KTM.

gare 2Even if everything appears to be going to schedule, there’s only one set of tracks on long stretches of the route: delays elsewhere may mean your train being held at a siding or even reversing for an extended period to let an oncoming train pass… It happened to me twice during that day.

gare 5 And in fact, this was perfect for me to observe what was going on in those end-of-the-word train stations…

gare 4Like everywhere else, some were rushing to catch the train…

gare 7 While others were waiting for Godot…

gare 6Some were customizing their office…

gare 8 And others…

gare 9And others…


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