The Meleka Mix


Malacca Intro

Meleka is a pleasant town, two hours bus from Kuala Lumpur, encapsulating the entire Malaysia history in its walls…

malacca indiens

First, as I said when describing the arrival of islam in the peninsula, it’s been influenced by Indians merchants (above), and Arabs merchants (below)…

malacca arabes 2

… Establishing one of the earliest Malay sultanates (sultanate house below).

malacca arabes 1

The local monarchy was abolished when the Portuguese conquered it in 1511. But a century later or so, the Dutch defeated the Portuguese in an effort to capture Malacca… Which explains all those narrow buildings, so typical from The Netherlands, you will see when visiting the city.

malacca Dutch 1

malacca dutch 2

malacca dutch 3

Surprising, isn’t it ???
Though, the most important building heritage in Malacca comes from the Chinese community back to the 15th century, when Ming merchants (below) arrived to to participate in the local trading economy.

malacca chine 0

The entire Chinatown is very touristy but its traditional Chinese temples, clan associations and food stores remained very authentic.

malacca chine 1

Most of the Chinese community arrived in town during the British occupation, after they defeated the Dutch (1824-1942).

malacca chine 2

Malacca Chinatown is extremely picturesque and invokes a sense of nostalgia but the bigger attraction is the culture and even the people…

malacca chine 3

malacca chine 5

malacca chine 6

malacca chine 7


1 thought on “The Meleka Mix

  1. We were there a couple of years ago. More than surprised to find an authentic little Dutch village over there! Loved it!

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