D245. May 4. Flying to Central Asia !!!

Malaysia was my last stop in South-East Asia. Today, I am flying to Central Asia.
For the next six weeks, I will cross Kirghizistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. A rapid exploration, just enough to “see” what’s going on in those countries we barely hear about.

Central Asia Path

Ten years ago, I trekked three weeks in Arkhangai, Mongolia, and came back from this place convinced I should investigate the region further. That’s what I’m about to do.

eastpak change

Am I prepared ? I don’t know. I have sold my big grey suitcase to a German fellow in Kuala Lumpur, and bought a smaller blue one. That should be more convenient to get on the collective taxis I’ll use in Central Asia…

I should report soon from Bishkek, capital city of Kirghizistan…


3 thoughts on “D245. May 4. Flying to Central Asia !!!

  1. This is the opposite of a standard trip : we usually come back with bigger pack, owing to souvenirs or impulsive buying.
    I guess you’ll get back to Paris only with 2 shirts,1 panty and your last pair of shoes !! 😀

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