D246. May 5. Bishkek, first contact

On the plane to Bishkek, there was a group of women coming from a business trip in London. Curious about me, they wanted to know where I live, and why I want to visit Kirghizistan. I engaged discussion with Raya, the most English fluent of them…


So, How is Kirghizistan looking like ? Did I ask., thinking about landscapes and steppes… I got a very direct answer.
“Before, no one was rich, no one was poor. Now, people are getting richer and poorer. Even though it is improving. The ten years that followed Perestroika were hard. Before we didn’t have to think about our future”.

Kirghizistan indeed was part of the countries that left the federation when USRR collapsed. And what I’ve seen from Bishkek in the taxi this morning looks pretty much like a soviet town… To be continued !

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