D247. May 6. Jour de fête à Bichkek

fontaineI though yesterday was a special day but it looks like the street animation stands here all year long. At least, I guess, I long as it is not snowing anymore ? I got lucky, two weeks ago, the fountains were not operating, because of the cold. And now, in Bichkek, it is already 30°.

gateau sur teteThose breads are common to the entire region, I also found them in Russia.

ice teaIn the shade of those blue umbrellas you will find at every corner : ice tea.

velibYou can rent bicycles, tandems, kids cars for an hour or more.

quadricycleYou can also rent those funny little cycles for three people. Here, women drive by the way.

And you can even rent roller blades. This teenager, with is typical hat, was making circles for me.

ballons flechettesMeanwhile, men would target balloons with their darts…

tirOr use a real riffle… On balloons still…

punching ball… Or shot on the punching ball to measure and demonstrate their strength…

livresGrandpas would have a looks at books – Many people sale their own books on the streets…

jouetGrandmas would loose their temper with toys they cannot control 😉

karaokeMale and women groups would give a try to karaoke in the park…

cinemaSome would buy a cinema ticket…

souvenirsAnd whatever happens, my souvenirs merchant will keep smiling at tourists, surrounded with magnets, dolls, cotton yurts and hand-made linens…

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