D220. Apr 7. A new milestone for My Scenic Railway


Your favorite blog has exceeded 15 000 views !
Last January, when the 10 000 milestone was reached, our readers where coming from 62 countries. In between, 14 additional nationalities have joined us…


… 4 in Europe (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania), 4 in Latin America (Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela), a couple in Middle-East and Africa (Algeria, Saudi Arabia), one more Asian country (Bangladesh)… and 3 in very exotic spots : Guam, Jamaica, Mayotte !

Welcome on board !!!!

Australia by numbers, road map

Six weeks trough three regions of Australia: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland.
5000 km, only the West and South East Coasts… Still so many places to see. Well, I guess I’ll have to keep the Outback, Uluru, Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth, for another visit…
In between, should you wonder how my recent Oz explorations translate on a map and what budget that could represent, here come some indications – You can click to enlarge the visuals.

Australia 1

I’ve travelled with a rented car the two first weeks, through NSW and Victoria, then I did fly to Cairns and bought a 300 euros bus pass to travel from Cairns to Sydney, through Queensland and NSW.

Australia 2

Overall an amazing road trip… Tomorrow, I’ll share some of the landscapes i’ve observed from my Greyhound window and you’ll see how it slowly changes from North to South…

D135 . Jan 13 . My Scenic Railway exceeds 10 000 views !!!

Capture d’écran 2014-01-11 à 13.55.35

Today, at 3:20 PM (GMT), your favorite blog has reached 10 000 views ! This is not the Financial Times audience yet, but thanks to you we are in pretty good shape, aren’t we ?!

So, where are you, readers ?
60 % of you are French, but the other 40 % belong to 62 nationalities !!!

3 Oceania countriesOceania

9 Americas countriesAmericas

11 Middle East & Africa countriesMiddle east

13 Asia countriesAsia

26 European countriesEurope 
Those are the United Nations of My Scenic Railway, thank you for following me ! 

D64. Nov3. Blog update & record

No daily news today.
But don’t leave immediately, and don’t cry please!
I’ve totally reshaped the “pages” (in opposition to daily “posts”).

Capture d’écran 2013-11-02 à 18.08.25

The “About me” is now called “Me, a globe-trotter”, focussing on my previous trips.
On the right column of the blog, you have a real “about me” section, about my job and competencies.

The “Road” Page in now called “planed itinerary and local roadmaps”.
I have added to the primary plan one map per country I have visited or will cross in the next months.

Capture d’écran 2013-11-02 à 18.07.42

And the “Preparation” page remains “preparation. Though, I’ve added much more information, questions & answers, infographics, about it, divided into four sections.

Capture d’écran 2013-11-02 à 18.08.07

Already a lot to go through.
I’ll be back tomorrow with a Delhi daily (haha) news.
And please, share your thoughts and comments about those brand new pages !

Oh, one more thing: Yesterday was a great day, as MyScenicRailaway, after two months of activity, exceeded 5000 views !!!
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