United Hats of Uzbekistan

Even though it was more that 30° in Khiva, I couldn’t miss the Telpeks, traditional sheep hats in the Turkem culture…

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But I am not in Turkmenistan, are you gonna say. Yes, technically I am, indeed in Uzbekistan. Though, The borders of central Asia were drawn by the Soviets with little regard for the culture, language and ethnicity of the different regions.

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Many Uzbeks actually identify as Kazakh, Tajik, Turkmen, Kyrgz and Afghan (and others) – speaking these languages, practising these cultures. The city of Khiva is almost on the border with Turkmenistan, and the region and people are historically and culturally Turkmen.

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Those portraits from the 1920′ speak by themselves, don’t they ?
I have found a more recent specimen of the tradition… See below…

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