My neighbors are wakwak

“The Bernardos are wakwak”, told me a friend of mine about his neighbors. “My driver has already seen them flying at night, in their garden”. Waouh, what is that supposed to mean ???

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The Wakwak is a vampiric, bird-like creature in Philippine mythology. It is often described by old folks to have long sharp talons and a pair of wings similar to those of a bat. It is believed that this monster is called “Wakwak” due to this sound it makes when it flaps its wings while flying. It uses its talons or claws to slash its victims and to get their heart. Many say that its wings are also sharp as a knife.

In the Philippines, particularly in the Visayas or Central Philippines region (where Cebu is located), a belief in the inherent evil of witches prevails. As a matter of fact, even though the population is catholic, the ancient animist beliefs haven’t disappeared. Therefore, Filipinos’ daily life is made of superstitions, taboos, attitudes, beliefs, very similar to what you can meet in ”primitive” populations…